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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition?!


Final Fantasy XV became even bigger, by going portable! As contradictory as this may sound to you, it has been confirmed. Final Fantasy XV will be released as a pocket edition of the console (and soon to be Windows) version of the game.

The game was revealed at the Gamescon and it has been said that the game is in fact going to be a fully re-created version of the original game. It’s going to have everything that the original game had and possibly even some additional features. It is also going to be split into 10 separate episodes in order to be able to fully tell the games story since we all know how big Final Fantasy games tend to be. XV is apparently the biggest Final Fantasy game ever made.

The first episode was announced for fall of 2017 so we don’t have to wait that long for it. It is only a matter of days in fact. Also, the game will be available on iOS, Android as well as the Windows 10 devices. But that’s not even the best part. The first episode of the game will be absolutely free to download and play forever! Now if that’s not a good deal, we don’t know what is to be honest…



From what we can tell from the trailer and the gameplay that we saw online, apparently the gameplay and most importantly, the combat system are pretty much intact. They look very similar to what we saw and played on the console version. Of course, the game is not going to be as flashy as the PlayStation 4’s graphics allow it and you should expect some modifications to the control scheme so that you can effectively play it with touchscreen devices. To tell the truth, we don’t really care about any of this. The fact that the Final Fantasy XV is going to be made accessible to everyone for free and that all of us can go back to Eos whenever we want annd no matter where we are is amazing.

The only thing that bothers us about this release is that we can’t really tell if the art style of the game, specifically character design will be able to express and invoke the same kind of emotion that the realistically looking PlayStation version was able to do. There is a specific feeling that a Chibi character design invokes in a person but, it wouldn’t be the first time that Square Enix did something like that.

The best we can do for now is wait and hope for the best.

FIFA Ultimate Team 18 – What is it and should you play it?

Stadium image

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT for short is a separate mode of the main game where you don’t focus so much on playing the game as much as you focus on making a team that will play the game for you. It is a manager game and it has been done very well, that’s why white so popular after all, especially on the mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

It’s best aspect is easily the multiplayer. Not just any aspect of the multiplayer, the market especially. It is easily the best thing about the game and the one that you can play on and with for an entire day if you so choose to.

The market is where you buy and sell players and you are required to participate in some of these transactions if you want to earn money for yourself. This can get convoluted. It’s easy to see why so many people are using FIFA 18 Generator to quickly obtain resources rather than digging into this incredibly detailed management simulator.

It has every all of the things that a good manager game should have. It allows you to make your choice and build a team of your own. Then you can use the same team to play games which, depending on your team will be either won or lost to your opponents. Either way, someone will always win so the other has to lose and it’s up to you on which end you’ll end up.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about FUT 18 are the prices to which these player cards can rise.

The prices of cards can go high. Really high

There are hundreds of different player cards in the game and some of them can cost up to a couple of million of FIFA coins which when converted into the real currency equal a couple of thousand dollars easily. We aren’t even exaggerating when we say that.

People are literally staying awake overnight in order to place the best bit and to sell the card at just the right time and profit big. Some people are even trading with these coins, converting and selling them for real money but we’re pretty sure that is against the game’s rules so don’t do that and dont deal with people doing that or you’re running a risk of getting your account suspended.

These prices drops and increases are heavily influenced by the number of cards present withing the game world wide. The more players have a specific card, the more of them are going to sell it. This basically means that the more card packs are being sold or earned, there is going to be more and more cards within the game. It’s just like a stock market. You want to buy them with their low and sell them when you can profit. This has an incredible depth to it and can go as deep as you want it to so if you’re into manager games, you should definitely give this one a try!

And there you have it. This should answere the question and help you figure out what are not FUT 18 is something you should play. We hope it helped.


Sport Game of the Year

Many sports games have their annual releases and we don’t really remember any sports game ever making it as a game of the year. Or not saying these games should be in the contest for the game of the year because honestly, this is not a game of your material. Is basically just recycling old predefined gameplay mechanics and polishing them to feel and look as realistic as the current technology allows it. But sometimes sports games can really get creative. It just so happens that this year we had an amazing experience unlike any other in a very popular sports game has been around ever since like, forever. Were talking about FIFA17.

This year’s installment of globally popular football franchise is significantly different than the rest of its franchise entries. FIFA was never a game intended for gamers.It is a sports game aimed towards people who simply like sports and playing with or against their friends. When we say it’s not for gamers, what we mean is that there is not very much gameplay diversity in these games and for good reason. This is a football game. We all know what to expect from a football game, right? If you were a gamer looking to play some FIFA with friends but then decided to play alone when there’s no one to play with the truth is, there wasn’t much to play. It was never actually intended to be an exciting and absorbing single player experience, that is until this year.

This time around were presented with a unique take on sports games. It is tailored entirely to fit single player experience. I’ve seen people comparing it to role-playing games play style where how you play directly influences how the story progresses alongside with your characters personality. This is in fact true.

It is called The Journey. Unlike team building and endless point grinding which mostly results in players looking for some kind of FIFA 17 hack, this new mode is all about the story and new content rather than grind and repetitiveness which was major part in every previous FIFA game.

It follows the story of Alex Hunter who you are in a direct control of. All the way from his childhood days to playing for major leagues. How, when and how much you do whatever you want to do is entirely up to you. Of course, this is not an RPG game in you can’t just go outside and stroll around town like you could in some role-playing games but keep in mind that as far as football and sports games in general go, this is by far the best storytelling single player experience that we have ever seen in a game of this kind.

Definitely a must play for every football fan and perhaps a good starting point for every newcomer looking to get involved in these kinds of games. Give it a try, there’s a demo available on Origin so you can see whether or not this kind of game is for you.


PC Game of the Year 2016?

Game of the year is always a big thing for gamers. As the end of the year draws near it is only natural to start looking about the potential winners and debating about who ease the most worthy of this title. We can almost be sure that this year’s game of the year competition is not going to be so tight and exciting, filled with extraordinary titles triple A or indie whatsoever, at least not as 2015 GOTY craze was. Last year we had games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. Ahh, 2015 was such a good gaming year…

Nevertheless there are quite some titles to choose from regarding this year’s game of the year competition. One of the favorites is of course the Dark Souls III.

Many of you know Dark Souls games simply as hard-core, unforgiving titles filled with hardship and despair. While this is true to an extent, and these games are exceptionally hard and will make sure you’re punished whenever you make a slip, these games (especially the third installment) are also exceptionally artistic and enjoyable once you’ve learned how to properly behave in their worlds.

INSIDE is one of those in the titles that can easily compete with AAA releases. This exceptional experience has a lot of reasons to be considered as GOTY 2016 though, knowing how the industry is now days people are quick to overlook and discard qualities of the game simply because it’s not the latest and most expensive work of corporate giants. Even still we are cheering for this thought-provoking masterpiece and hopefully we are not alone in this.

Civilization VI is also a huge deal. If were to be fair with this one, we barely had the chance to properly introduce ourselves with the previous game when the next one already started knocking on our door. Not entirely sure how we feel about it. As much as we love Civilization games we can help but feel like this release was a little bit rushed. Not saying it’s a bad game, no, but maybe not well thought enough to be considered a completely new game? We’ll see how the gamers feel about it soon enough.

Rise of the Tomb Raider. If it wins its deserved, if it doesn’t it’s still going to get it’s GOTY release anyway. That’s just how it is with Square Enix games. The latest installment and the adventures of Lara Croft is definitely the best one so far. This game perfectly mixes genres and provides a fresh and innovative experience while still maintaining the feel of the series roots. If you haven’t got the chance to play the game so far you might want to wait for the GOTY edition which is bound to have its price lowered by at least 50% which is of course just another thing that’s common to SE games. Whether it’s a exceptional AAA title or a side project from SE Collective, these games are known to have their price reduced significantly after a year or so. Great job Square Enix, keep up the good work.

Even though it’s just another fast-paced shooter in the sea of fast-paced shooters it would be unfair if we said that new DOOM doesn’t stand out. And this is not just due to it’s ridiculously violent and bloodied finisher moves, no. This game does FPS right! We’ve really enjoyed playing this title, running through levels and wrecking havoc on anything that may try and compromise our mission. Still since it’s a first-person shooter game no matter how good it is, it’s nothing really groundbreaking, simply well-made, but, is it good enough for the GOTY title?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Honestly after all the criticism if their in game store received, and after a less than satisfying epilogue we wouldn’t bet on Deus Ex. It’s not the were saying how the game is bad, no. This game is just as great if not better than the last one. This game took everything good from the previous game and improve the greatly. It has so much more diversity, you can define your own play style even further than you could before but, the disappointment that came with the epilogue and the frustration of having purchasable cheats in pause menu (were calling them cheats because that’s what they are) is something that’s very hard to overlook and in our opinion is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though we’ve enjoyed the game I don’t think any of us would voted as a GOTY product simply because of these failures.

Now, here we also have a sequel but this time it’s one that did absolutely everything right. Shadow Warrior 2 is an amazing game. If you play the previous game you know just how good it was. Unlike DOOM it’s just not another mindless FPS. Actually, that’s just what it is, action-packed, mindless, fun first-person shooter game, but kinda more than that at the same time? It’s hard to put into words. Perhaps the character development and the fact that you can use all kinds of edged weapons to literally annihilate all your enemies in a very old-fashioned and bloodied way is perhaps what makes Shadow Warrior a different kind of game. Oh and, did we mention there’s a multiplayer this time around?

The list can go on and on there are so many great games that came out this year but only one of them will become a true game of the year. Now the “game of the year”is a pretty general term and every major video gaming web sites and magazine is going to host its own GOTY event so, it’s all kind of pointless? Yeah, but even so would like to give meaning to those titles anyway. One thing’s for sure if it’s a good game it’s going to be picked as a game of the year on multiple websites so it can kinda point out and help determine which games are worth your time and which ones you might want to pass up.

Games in Developement That We Really Want to Play #2

Picking up where we have previously left off with our most anticipated video games that are still in development. With decided to split this text into simply because it’s easier to read and generally more readable this way so if you haven’t got the chance to read the original text, you may want to do so but you don’t necessarily have to for all these games and announcements are kind of stories for himself. It’s entirely up to you. So without further ado, let his resume where we last left.

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Lost Paradise

We can already tell this is going to be something big. Seeing the game as artistic as lost Paradise certainly fills me with hope for the gaming industry. We’re not entirely sure what is going on in the game but it is obvious that there is going to be a lot of lore and a lot of action.

This game has been in development for a couple of months and it’s a good thing to see that the developers are taking it seriously. New content and update logs with a new gameplay features and changes are updated frequently on their Facebook page.

There are also fair share of videos circling around the Internet showcasing just what you might expect in terms of visuals, story presentation and gameplay mechanics.

Judging from appearance and little pieces of obscure and cryptic narration that can be heard in their gameplay trailers and promo material I can only hope and hold my fingers crossed that this game is going to be a success since this looks just like the type of game that’s appealing to us.

Looks a bit clunky but don’t dorget that this is early alpha build!

Lost Soul Aside

Please, please let this become a reality. Go check this game out right now if you haven’t done so already. This is an eye candy the promises incredible and spectacular action gameplay.

This is truly a title that looks straight out AAA production studio. This makes the fact that it’s developed by single person that much more unbelievable. Apparently the game is heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy XV which is kinda obvious if you’ve watch the trailer. Japanese RPG art style and character design straight out of Tetsuya Nomura’s mind are just very hard to miss.

Just amazing. Definitely AAA quality game!

Recently game developer mentioned how “Final Fantasy XV thought him how to walk” but how he must “walk in his own path alone “. From the statement it’s pretty obvious that he’s hinting how some changes to gameplay and character designed will be made for the final release but at this point, I think it’s not that big of a deal since the character does indeed look like a spitten image of Noctis from FFXV.

Furthermore there have been rumors going around the Internet that Sony (as in Sony PlayStation) has seen this game and is backing up this developer so that he can finish his game. We certainly hope that’s true and we can’t wait to get our hands on Lost Soul Aside.


Games in Developement That We Really Want to Play

On a yearly basis so many video games are announced yet not many of them get to see the light of the day. Sometimes the development studios bite more than they can chew which doesn’t seem to be a problem at first but later, when you take everything into account it usually comes crashing down on them. Other studios suffer from financial problems and are simply unavailable to pay for development of their product so it simply ceases to progress and stay still for the rest of the time until eventually some company buys it and makes something completely different than we wanted to play in the first place. It’s a common practice and unfortunately, this is happening all the time yet as gamers we can’t help but hope that some extraordinary and ambitious games will in fact be released. Here are our picks of the most promising games that are still in development.

Shadow of the Eternals

This is a title that you may be familiar with if you’ve played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Shadow of the Eternals is to feature similar gameplay mechanics which are very usual for previous generations of survival horror adventure games (like Resident Evil or Silent Hill).

The game labels itself as a psychological horror game and a spiritual successor to the Eternal Darkness. It’s being developed by the people who made the original game which was a huge success. Expect to see ever so popular sanity effect events that are more than likely to leave you confused and probably scared by utilizing special visual audio and fourth wall breaker effects that made the original game a success.

Is this the horror game we’ve all been waiting for?

Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

this is the game that surfaced just recently. Is very likely that you are unaware of this since most of kick starter projects are flying way under the radar. The only reason that we are aware of it is because of an email received from Square Enix Collective newsletter. Now despite what you might think, we do not usually get hyped up about upcoming games since it mostly leads to disappointment, especially if the game looks very cool and promising.

Can help but to feel excited about this one.

It is a fantasy game set in a fictional world full of magic and who knows what judging from the trailer. As far as the story goes, there was a king who made the world and the creatures inhabiting it. But then suddenly it all disappeared and the king was no more. This is followed up by the uprising of ancient dark gods, forgotten souls. They destroyed and shattered the world and everything on it yet, something survived. Because let’s face it, in games like these something has to survive if we were to have protagonist.

The game is a unique blend of 2D to 3D world transition. Bosses and enemies are battled in both of those respectively and the game apparently has its fair share of platforming, character progression, exploration and absolutely stunning artwork and world and character design.

Artistic and creative. Hopefully the Kickstarter will make it happen.



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