Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition?!


Final Fantasy XV became even bigger, by going portable! As contradictory as this may sound to you, it has been confirmed. Final Fantasy XV will be released as a pocket edition of the console (and soon to be Windows) version of the game.

The game was revealed at the Gamescon and it has been said that the game is in fact going to be a fully re-created version of the original game. It’s going to have everything that the original game had and possibly even some additional features. It is also going to be split into 10 separate episodes in order to be able to fully tell the games story since we all know how big Final Fantasy games tend to be. XV is apparently the biggest Final Fantasy game ever made.

The first episode was announced for fall of 2017 so we don’t have to wait that long for it. It is only a matter of days in fact. Also, the game will be available on iOS, Android as well as the Windows 10 devices. But that’s not even the best part. The first episode of the game will be absolutely free to download and play forever! Now if that’s not a good deal, we don’t know what is to be honest…



From what we can tell from the trailer and the gameplay that we saw online, apparently the gameplay and most importantly, the combat system are pretty much intact. They look very similar to what we saw and played on the console version. Of course, the game is not going to be as flashy as the PlayStation 4’s graphics allow it and you should expect some modifications to the control scheme so that you can effectively play it with touchscreen devices. To tell the truth, we don’t really care about any of this. The fact that the Final Fantasy XV is going to be made accessible to everyone for free and that all of us can go back to Eos whenever we want annd no matter where we are is amazing.

The only thing that bothers us about this release is that we can’t really tell if the art style of the game, specifically character design will be able to express and invoke the same kind of emotion that the realistically looking PlayStation version was able to do. There is a specific feeling that a Chibi character design invokes in a person but, it wouldn’t be the first time that Square Enix did something like that.

The best we can do for now is wait and hope for the best.