FIFA Ultimate Team 18 – What is it and should you play it?

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FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT for short is a separate mode of the main game where you don’t focus so much on playing the game as much as you focus on making a team that will play the game for you. It is a manager game and it has been done very well, that’s why white so popular after all, especially on the mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

It’s best aspect is easily the multiplayer. Not just any aspect of the multiplayer, the market especially. It is easily the best thing about the game and the one that you can play on and with for an entire day if you so choose to.

The market is where you buy and sell players and you are required to participate in some of these transactions if you want to earn money for yourself. This can get convoluted. It’s easy to see why so many people are using FIFA 18 Generator to quickly obtain resources rather than digging into this incredibly detailed management simulator.

It has every all of the things that a good manager game should have. It allows you to make your choice and build a team of your own. Then you can use the same team to play games which, depending on your team will be either won or lost to your opponents. Either way, someone will always win so the other has to lose and it’s up to you on which end you’ll end up.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about FUT 18 are the prices to which these player cards can rise.

The prices of cards can go high. Really high

There are hundreds of different player cards in the game and some of them can cost up to a couple of million of FIFA coins which when converted into the real currency equal a couple of thousand dollars easily. We aren’t even exaggerating when we say that.

People are literally staying awake overnight in order to place the best bit and to sell the card at just the right time and profit big. Some people are even trading with these coins, converting and selling them for real money but we’re pretty sure that is against the game’s rules so don’t do that and dont deal with people doing that or you’re running a risk of getting your account suspended.

These prices drops and increases are heavily influenced by the number of cards present withing the game world wide. The more players have a specific card, the more of them are going to sell it. This basically means that the more card packs are being sold or earned, there is going to be more and more cards within the game. It’s just like a stock market. You want to buy them with their low and sell them when you can profit. This has an incredible depth to it and can go as deep as you want it to so if you’re into manager games, you should definitely give this one a try!

And there you have it. This should answere the question and help you figure out what are not FUT 18 is something you should play. We hope it helped.