Sport Game of the Year

Many sports games have their annual releases and we don’t really remember any sports game ever making it as a game of the year. Or not saying these games should be in the contest for the game of the year because honestly, this is not a game of your material. Is basically just recycling old predefined gameplay mechanics and polishing them to feel and look as realistic as the current technology allows it. But sometimes sports games can really get creative. It just so happens that this year we had an amazing experience unlike any other in a very popular sports game has been around ever since like, forever. Were talking about FIFA17.

This year’s installment of globally popular football franchise is significantly different than the rest of its franchise entries. FIFA was never a game intended for gamers.It is a sports game aimed towards people who simply like sports and playing with or against their friends. When we say it’s not for gamers, what we mean is that there is not very much gameplay diversity in these games and for good reason. This is a football game. We all know what to expect from a football game, right? If you were a gamer looking to play some FIFA with friends but then decided to play alone when there’s no one to play with the truth is, there wasn’t much to play. It was never actually intended to be an exciting and absorbing single player experience, that is until this year.

This time around were presented with a unique take on sports games. It is tailored entirely to fit single player experience. I’ve seen people comparing it to role-playing games play style where how you play directly influences how the story progresses alongside with your characters personality. This is in fact true.

It is called The Journey. Unlike team building and endless point grinding which mostly results in players looking for some kind of FIFA 17 hack, this new mode is all about the story and new content rather than grind and repetitiveness which was major part in every previous FIFA game.

It follows the story of Alex Hunter who you are in a direct control of. All the way from his childhood days to playing for major leagues. How, when and how much you do whatever you want to do is entirely up to you. Of course, this is not an RPG game in you can’t just go outside and stroll around town like you could in some role-playing games but keep in mind that as far as football and sports games in general go, this is by far the best storytelling single player experience that we have ever seen in a game of this kind.

Definitely a must play for every football fan and perhaps a good starting point for every newcomer looking to get involved in these kinds of games. Give it a try, there’s a demo available on Origin so you can see whether or not this kind of game is for you.