PC Game of the Year 2016?

Game of the year is always a big thing for gamers. As the end of the year draws near it is only natural to start looking about the potential winners and debating about who ease the most worthy of this title. We can almost be sure that this year’s game of the year competition is not going to be so tight and exciting, filled with extraordinary titles triple A or indie whatsoever, at least not as 2015 GOTY craze was. Last year we had games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. Ahh, 2015 was such a good gaming year…

Nevertheless there are quite some titles to choose from regarding this year’s game of the year competition. One of the favorites is of course the Dark Souls III.

Many of you know Dark Souls games simply as hard-core, unforgiving titles filled with hardship and despair. While this is true to an extent, and these games are exceptionally hard and will make sure you’re punished whenever you make a slip, these games (especially the third installment) are also exceptionally artistic and enjoyable once you’ve learned how to properly behave in their worlds.

INSIDE is one of those in the titles that can easily compete with AAA releases. This exceptional experience has a lot of reasons to be considered as GOTY 2016 though, knowing how the industry is now days people are quick to overlook and discard qualities of the game simply because it’s not the latest and most expensive work of corporate giants. Even still we are cheering for this thought-provoking masterpiece and hopefully we are not alone in this.

Civilization VI is also a huge deal. If were to be fair with this one, we barely had the chance to properly introduce ourselves with the previous game when the next one already started knocking on our door. Not entirely sure how we feel about it. As much as we love Civilization games we can help but feel like this release was a little bit rushed. Not saying it’s a bad game, no, but maybe not well thought enough to be considered a completely new game? We’ll see how the gamers feel about it soon enough.

Rise of the Tomb Raider. If it wins its deserved, if it doesn’t it’s still going to get it’s GOTY release anyway. That’s just how it is with Square Enix games. The latest installment and the adventures of Lara Croft is definitely the best one so far. This game perfectly mixes genres and provides a fresh and innovative experience while still maintaining the feel of the series roots. If you haven’t got the chance to play the game so far you might want to wait for the GOTY edition which is bound to have its price lowered by at least 50% which is of course just another thing that’s common to SE games. Whether it’s a exceptional AAA title or a side project from SE Collective, these games are known to have their price reduced significantly after a year or so. Great job Square Enix, keep up the good work.

Even though it’s just another fast-paced shooter in the sea of fast-paced shooters it would be unfair if we said that new DOOM doesn’t stand out. And this is not just due to it’s ridiculously violent and bloodied finisher moves, no. This game does FPS right! We’ve really enjoyed playing this title, running through levels and wrecking havoc on anything that may try and compromise our mission. Still since it’s a first-person shooter game no matter how good it is, it’s nothing really groundbreaking, simply well-made, but, is it good enough for the GOTY title?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Honestly after all the criticism if their in game store received, and after a less than satisfying epilogue we wouldn’t bet on Deus Ex. It’s not the were saying how the game is bad, no. This game is just as great if not better than the last one. This game took everything good from the previous game and improve the greatly. It has so much more diversity, you can define your own play style even further than you could before but, the disappointment that came with the epilogue and the frustration of having purchasable cheats in pause menu (were calling them cheats because that’s what they are) is something that’s very hard to overlook and in our opinion is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though we’ve enjoyed the game I don’t think any of us would voted as a GOTY product simply because of these failures.

Now, here we also have a sequel but this time it’s one that did absolutely everything right. Shadow Warrior 2 is an amazing game. If you play the previous game you know just how good it was. Unlike DOOM it’s just not another mindless FPS. Actually, that’s just what it is, action-packed, mindless, fun first-person shooter game, but kinda more than that at the same time? It’s hard to put into words. Perhaps the character development and the fact that you can use all kinds of edged weapons to literally annihilate all your enemies in a very old-fashioned and bloodied way is perhaps what makes Shadow Warrior a different kind of game. Oh and, did we mention there’s a multiplayer this time around?

The list can go on and on there are so many great games that came out this year but only one of them will become a true game of the year. Now the “game of the year”is a pretty general term and every major video gaming web sites and magazine is going to host its own GOTY event so, it’s all kind of pointless? Yeah, but even so would like to give meaning to those titles anyway. One thing’s for sure if it’s a good game it’s going to be picked as a game of the year on multiple websites so it can kinda point out and help determine which games are worth your time and which ones you might want to pass up.