Games in Developement That We Really Want to Play

On a yearly basis so many video games are announced yet not many of them get to see the light of the day. Sometimes the development studios bite more than they can chew which doesn’t seem to be a problem at first but later, when you take everything into account it usually comes crashing down on them. Other studios suffer from financial problems and are simply unavailable to pay for development of their product so it simply ceases to progress and stay still for the rest of the time until eventually some company buys it and makes something completely different than we wanted to play in the first place. It’s a common practice and unfortunately, this is happening all the time yet as gamers we can’t help but hope that some extraordinary and ambitious games will in fact be released. Here are our picks of the most promising games that are still in development.

Shadow of the Eternals

This is a title that you may be familiar with if you’ve played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Shadow of the Eternals is to feature similar gameplay mechanics which are very usual for previous generations of survival horror adventure games (like Resident Evil or Silent Hill).

The game labels itself as a psychological horror game and a spiritual successor to the Eternal Darkness. It’s being developed by the people who made the original game which was a huge success. Expect to see ever so popular sanity effect events that are more than likely to leave you confused and probably scared by utilizing special visual audio and fourth wall breaker effects that made the original game a success.

Is this the horror game we’ve all been waiting for?

Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

this is the game that surfaced just recently. Is very likely that you are unaware of this since most of kick starter projects are flying way under the radar. The only reason that we are aware of it is because of an email received from Square Enix Collective newsletter. Now despite what you might think, we do not usually get hyped up about upcoming games since it mostly leads to disappointment, especially if the game looks very cool and promising.

Can help but to feel excited about this one.

It is a fantasy game set in a fictional world full of magic and who knows what judging from the trailer. As far as the story goes, there was a king who made the world and the creatures inhabiting it. But then suddenly it all disappeared and the king was no more. This is followed up by the uprising of ancient dark gods, forgotten souls. They destroyed and shattered the world and everything on it yet, something survived. Because let’s face it, in games like these something has to survive if we were to have protagonist.

The game is a unique blend of 2D to 3D world transition. Bosses and enemies are battled in both of those respectively and the game apparently has its fair share of platforming, character progression, exploration and absolutely stunning artwork and world and character design.

Artistic and creative. Hopefully the Kickstarter will make it happen.



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