Games in Developement That We Really Want to Play #2

Picking up where we have previously left off with our most anticipated video games that are still in development. With decided to split this text into simply because it’s easier to read and generally more readable this way so if you haven’t got the chance to read the original text, you may want to do so but you don’t necessarily have to for all these games and announcements are kind of stories for himself. It’s entirely up to you. So without further ado, let his resume where we last left.

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Lost Paradise

We can already tell this is going to be something big. Seeing the game as artistic as lost Paradise certainly fills me with hope for the gaming industry. We’re not entirely sure what is going on in the game but it is obvious that there is going to be a lot of lore and a lot of action.

This game has been in development for a couple of months and it’s a good thing to see that the developers are taking it seriously. New content and update logs with a new gameplay features and changes are updated frequently on their Facebook page.

There are also fair share of videos circling around the Internet showcasing just what you might expect in terms of visuals, story presentation and gameplay mechanics.

Judging from appearance and little pieces of obscure and cryptic narration that can be heard in their gameplay trailers and promo material I can only hope and hold my fingers crossed that this game is going to be a success since this looks just like the type of game that’s appealing to us.

Looks a bit clunky but don’t dorget that this is early alpha build!

Lost Soul Aside

Please, please let this become a reality. Go check this game out right now if you haven’t done so already. This is an eye candy the promises incredible and spectacular action gameplay.

This is truly a title that looks straight out AAA production studio. This makes the fact that it’s developed by single person that much more unbelievable. Apparently the game is heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy XV which is kinda obvious if you’ve watch the trailer. Japanese RPG art style and character design straight out of Tetsuya Nomura’s mind are just very hard to miss.

Just amazing. Definitely AAA quality game!

Recently game developer mentioned how “Final Fantasy XV thought him how to walk” but how he must “walk in his own path alone “. From the statement it’s pretty obvious that he’s hinting how some changes to gameplay and character designed will be made for the final release but at this point, I think it’s not that big of a deal since the character does indeed look like a spitten image of Noctis from FFXV.

Furthermore there have been rumors going around the Internet that Sony (as in Sony PlayStation) has seen this game and is backing up this developer so that he can finish his game. We certainly hope that’s true and we can’t wait to get our hands on Lost Soul Aside.